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82 lessons • 1h 44m

Lesson 1 Rajasthan -Introduction (in Hindi)

8m 09s

Lesson 2 Old Name of Present Regions (in Hindi)

11m 55s

Lesson 3 Old Name of Present Regions (in Hindi)

9m 32s

Lesson 4 Present Names of Old Cities (in Hindi)

6m 26s

Lesson 5 Origin/Birth of Rajputs (in Hindi)

12m 55s

Lesson 6 Main dynasties of Rajasthan in different regions

5m 52s

Lesson 7 History of Mewar

8m 17s

Lesson 8 History of Mewar-2

9m 33s

Lesson 9 Rawal Ratan Singh and Rani Padmini

11m 05s

Lesson 10 Maharana Hammir

6m 53s

Lesson 11 Maharana Lakha and Mokal

8m 16s

Lesson 12 Rana Kumbha - the Warrior

7m 29s

Lesson 13 Rana Kumbha -The Warrior 2

6m 48s

Lesson 14 Rana Kumbha - the Architecture

12m 52s

Lesson 15 Rana Kumbha- The Scholar

5m 28s

Lesson 16 Rana Kumbha's Musicians,Scholars ,Architects

8m 01s

Lesson 17 Rana Raimal

9m 01s

Lesson 18 Rana Sanga

8m 38s

Lesson 19 Battle of Khanwa

9m 19s

Lesson 20 Vikramaditya and Banveer

8m 32s

Lesson 21 Maharana Udai Singh

10m 36s

Lesson 22 Maharana Pratap

7m 24s

Lesson 23 Battle of Haldighati

13m 01s

Lesson 24 Battle of Diwer

7m 06s

Lesson 25 Maharana Amar Singh 1st

8m 15s

Lesson 26 Maharana Karn Singh and Jagat Singh

7m 00s

Lesson 27 Maharana Raj Singh

9m 22s

Lesson 28 maharana Jai singh to Jagat Singh 2nd

7m 27s

Lesson 29 Maharana Bheem Singh to Maharana Sardar Singh

8m 03s

Lesson 30 Maharana Sajjan Singh to Bhoopal Singh

9m 03s

Lesson 31 Gurjar Pratihar

7m 45s

Lesson 32 Gurjar Pratihar

7m 35s

Lesson 33 Parmars of Abu

6m 35s

Lesson 34 state of Dungarpur and Banswara

6m 49s

Lesson 35 State of Pratapgarh

10m 08s

Lesson 36 Pratapgarh 2

7m 40s

Lesson 36 Pratapgarh 2

7m 40s

Lesson 37 history of Marwar

6m 44s

Lesson 38 Rao Siha of Mewar

6m 09s

Lesson 39 Rao Chunda

6m 07s

Lesson 40 Rao Jodha

7m 45s

Lesson 41 Rao Ganga

6m 53s

Lesson 42 Rao Maldeo

8m 16s

Lesson 43 Battle of Maholi and Paheba

9m 40s

Lesson 44 Battle of Giri Sumel

10m 00s

Lesson 45 Battle of Harmara

7m 14s

Lesson 46 Rao Chandrasen

9m 52s

Lesson 47 Mota Raja Udai Singh

5m 32s

Lesson 48 Matire Ki Raad

6m 53s

Lesson 49 Maharaja Jaswant Singh

7m 13s

Lesson 50 Maharaja Ajit Singh

6m 05s

Lesson 51 Maharaja Ajit Singh 2

7m 39s

Lesson 52 Durgadas Rathore

6m 28s

Lesson 53 Maharaja Abhay Singh

5m 53s

Lesson 54 Khejadli Massacre

6m 03s

Lesson 55 Maharaja Vijay Singh

5m 16s

Lesson 56 Maharaja Maan Singh

6m 59s

Lesson 57 Rao Bika

6m 35s

Lesson 58 Rao Lunkaran ,Jaitsi and Kalyan Mal

6m 32s

Lesson 59 Rao Rai Singh

8m 22s

Lesson 60 Maharaja Anoop Singh

6m 52s

Lesson 61 Maharaja Surat,Ratan and Saradar Singh

9m 10s

Lesson 62 Maharaja Dungar Singh

11m 03s

Lesson 63 Maharaja Ganga Singh 1

12m 36s

Lesson 64 Maharaja Ganga Singh 2

10m 25s

Lesson 65 Silver Cannons

8m 14s

Lesson 66 Chauhan Dynasty - Origin 1

8m 19s

Lesson 67 Chauhan Dynasty -Origin -2

7m 32s

Lesson 68 Chauhan Dynasty -Origin 3

7m 53s

Lesson 69 Chauhan Dynasty- Origin -4

6m 13s

Lesson 70 Vasudev and Guwak

6m 19s

Lesson 71 Ajay Raj and Arnoraj

6m 48s

Lesson 72 Vigrahraj

8m 36s

Lesson 73 Prithviraj Chauhan 3rd -1

7m 09s

Lesson 74 Prithviraj Chauhan 3rd - 2

8m 52s

Lesson 75 Prithviraj 3rd -4

8m 45s

Lesson 76 Battle of Tarain 1

7m 52s

Lesson 77 Battle of Tarain 2

6m 27s

Lesson 78 important Texts on Battle of Tarain

7m 02s

Lesson 79 Chauhan of Ranthambore

5m 42s

Lesson 80 Hammir Dev Chauhan-1

7m 23s

Lesson 81 Hammir Dev Chauhan-2

11m 03s

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