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(Hindi) Highlights of Budget (2018-19) - Budget Booster


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Rahul Agrawal

Budget has always been into demand in the GS sections of all the Government exams and Banking exams. Focus starting from allocations to schemes and covering even the minute details. Unacademy understands that an aspirant does not have enough time to mug up the whole budget. This course enables you to view the budget through the eyes of an examiner. It is designed to sail through budget focusing on what will be asked and ignoring what could never be asked in such exams. Thus only facts relevant to the examination would be covered and would add all the budget questions into our kitty.



18 reviews

Om Kumar

reviewed on Apr 11, 2018

Yes. Please make mcq on budget. Thank you for this awesome course.

prabha kumari

reviewed on Apr 29, 2018

very nice sir economy survey ka bhi baby sir fast preliminary exam jaldi aa rahe hain sir

Pooja Singh

reviewed on Mar 3, 2018

hello rahul sir, ur all courses are great..... i can't doubt on any of ur course bcoz ur teaching style is so effevtive.... thnks a lot sir for helping us...

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