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51 lessons • 8h 55m

Overview lesson

3m 46s

Indian Constitutional Development 1 (in Hindi)

10m 32s

Indian Constitutional Development 2 (in Hindi)

10m 01s

Indian Constitutional Development 3 (in Hindi)

13m 12s

Constitution Assembly and Constitution building Process (in Hindi)

10m 42s

Interim Government (in Hindi)

10m 20s

Main committee of the legislative assembly

10m 37s

Sources of the constitution of India

10m 44s

Main committee of the legislative assembly

10m 27s

Article in the constitution

10m 56s

Article in the constitution part 2

11m 16s


11m 03s

Major parts of Indian constitution

10m 43s


10m 43s

State and union territory

10m 24s


10m 51s

National symbol

10m 09s

Fundamental rights

12m 06s

Directive principles

10m 59s

Fundamental duty

10m 43s


12m 16s

Vice president

10m 37s

Union council of ministers

11m 31s

Emergency provision

10m 11s


10m 17s

State legislature

10m 47s

Attorney general n controller general auditor

13m 02s

Finance commission

9m 48s

Yojna aayog/niti aayog

11m 30s

Lokpal or aayog

12m 10s

Election commission

10m 36s


10m 33s

Parliament part 1

10m 18s

Parliament part 2

10m 27s

Special provisions for certain classes

10m 01s

Multiple questions

11m 48s

Political parties

9m 21s

Official language

9m 49s

Parliamentary committee

8m 45s

Parliamentary committee part 1

10m 05s

Mcqs of ghatnachakra

11m 10s

Mcqs of ghatnachakra lesson 1

10m 01s

Mcqs of ghatnachakra lesson 2

12m 07s

Mcqs of ghatnachakra lesson 3

10m 16s

Mcqs on ghatnachakra lesson 3

9m 23s

Mcqs on ghatnachakra lesson 4

7m 33s

Mcqs of ghatnachakra lesson 5

10m 03s

Mcqs of ghatnachakra lesson 6

10m 25s

Mcqs of ghatnachakra lesson 7

7m 47s

Mcqs of ghatnachakra :lesson 8

11m 57s

Mcqs of ghatnachakra lesson 9

10m 10s

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