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29 lessons • 6h 9m

Introduction to Fundamental of Mathematics and Logarithm (in Hindi)

9m 04s

Fundamental of Mathematics - 1 (in Hindi)

12m 16s

Fundamental of Mathematics - 2 (in Hindi)

12m 18s

Fundamental of Mathematics - 3 (in Hindi)

13m 55s

Fundamental of Mathematics - 4 (in Hindi)

14m 49s

FOM, number system

13m 15s

Inequalities, rules and simple Examples

14m 54s

FOM, inequalities, Rational algebra, method of intervals

14m 52s


14m 56s

Important points to note for LOGARITHM

13m 23s

Laws and important points of LOGARITHM

14m 54s

Base change theorem, problems

14m 57s

Questions, average and above average

11m 55s

Questions, tough and lengthy

10m 45s

More questions

12m 31s

Application of log, trichotomy

10m 29s

Very tough questions on log, eliminating trmerms

14m 18s

Log equations, eliminating values for which log not defined

12m 26s

Log equation, Solving trick

8m 16s

Log equation continued, Above average questions

12m 44s

Modulus, basic idea and questions

11m 53s

Modulus questions

12m 32s

Log equations, modulus involved

12m 41s

Log equations, log is irrational

12m 14s

Log inequalities, questions

12m 37s

Inequalities, above average questions

12m 13s

Log inequalities, variable base

12m 07s

Characteristic and mantissa

13m 07s

Questions on characteristic and mantissa, finding number of digits

13m 14s

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