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12 lessons • 2h 4m

Introduction and Course Overview (in Hindi)

9m 04s

Lecture 1 : Limit Basics and Introduction to Limits (in Hindi)

9m 38s

Lecture 2 : Direct Substitution Method (in Hindi)

11m 22s

Lecture 3 : Limits Factorization Method (in Hindi)

10m 13s

Lecture 4 : Rationalize Method and Algebraic Limit at Infinity (in Hindi)

11m 13s

Lecture 5 standard Trigonometric limit

10m 22s

Lecture 6 exponential and logarithm limit

10m 00s

Lecture 7 0 ki power 0 and 1 to the power infinity

11m 14s

Lecture 8 previous year question till 2018

9m 33s

Lecture 9 previous year continue till 2018

11m 14s

Lecture 10 l hopital rule( shortcuts) with previous year question

10m 02s

Lecture 11 previous year question 2019

10m 02s

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