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31 lessons • 1h 13m

About the Course (in Hindi)

3m 41s

Basic of Fluid (in Hindi)

9m 12s

Properties of Fluid Part 1(in Hindi) Dynamic Viscousity & Specific weight

10m 45s

Properties of Fluid Part 2(in Hindi) Newtons law of viscousity & kinematic viscousity

10m 28s

Surface Tension and Its Properties (in Hindi)

8m 39s

Capillarity concept and its effect on surface( in hindi)

7m 18s

Types of fluid on their behaviour with examples (In Hindi)

8m 25s

Pressure and its unit & it's types (In Hindi)

7m 45s

Law's of pressure (In Hindi)

7m 37s

Pressure measurement devices(in hindi)

7m 14s

Hydrostatic force over plane surfaces( in hindi)

6m 59s

Questions based on hydrostatic force(in hindi)

6m 55s

Hydrostatic pressure over curved surface with examples (In Hindi)

7m 19s

Buoyancy and concept of floatation (in hindi)

8m 11s

Meta center and stability of the floating body( in hindi)

8m 13s

Real weight and apparent weight with examples (In Hindi)

8m 30s

Flow in kinematic (In hindi)

8m 33s

Continuity equation &stream,path lines (In Hindi)

8m 13s

Velocity potential function with physical significance (In Hindi)

7m 48s

Stream function with physical significance (In Hindi)

8m 13s

Euler equation with concept (In Hindi)

8m 17s

Bernoulli Equation with its differential form( in hindi)

6m 26s

Venturimeter with it's important concept (In Hindi)

7m 36s

Numerical based on Venturimeter (In Hindi)

7m 01s

Orifice meter and cofficient used in flow( In Hindi)

7m 15s

Pipe flow (In Hindi)

7m 24s

Losses in Pipe flow (In Hindi

8m 04s

Connection of pipes (In Hindi)

7m 41s

Revised lecture on Euler equation with concept (In Hindi)

7m 53s

How shear and velocity varies in Pipe flow (In Hindi)

7m 24s

Numerical and connection of parraller (In Hindi)

7m 33s

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