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18 lessons • 1h 58m

Course Overview(In Hindi )

1m 38s

What Is Financial ManagementAnd Aims Of Financial Management(In Hindi )

7m 27s

Objective Of Financial Management (In Hindi)

7m 31s

Types Of Financial Decision (In Hindi)

7m 54s

What is Financing Decisions And Factors Effecting it(In Hindi )

6m 42s

Types Of Financial Decisions Part 2(In Hindi)

7m 06s

What Is Financing Decison(In Hindi)

7m 25s

Factors Affecting Financing Decision (In Hindi)

7m 07s

What is Dividend Decision And Factors Affecting It (In Hindi)

7m 35s

What Is Financial Planning (In Hindi)

7m 03s

Importance Of Financial Planning ( In Hindi)

7m 18s

Factors Affecting Capital Decisions ( In Hindi)

7m 12s

Fixed Capitals And Factors Affecting it(In Hindi)

7m 19s

Economic Environment In India(In Hindi)

6m 07s

Important Of Financial Planning (In Hindi)

6m 07s

Dimensions And Components Of Environment And Finance (In Hindi)

6m 04s

Major Steps In Economic And Business Financial (In Hindi)

5m 05s

Impacts Of The Government (In Hindi)

5m 12s

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