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13 lessons • 1h 53m

Overview Lecture On Financial Management (in Hindi)

1m 19s

Financial Management :-Meaning And Role (In Hindi)

10m 30s

Concept Of Financing Decisions(In Hindi)

10m 58s

Concept Of Financing Decision(In Hindi)

15m 00s

Concept Of Financial Planning(In Hind)

10m 23s

Concept Of Capital Structure(In Hindi)

5m 05s

Concept Of Capital Structure:- Financial Leverage And Financal Risk(In Hindi)

14m 30s

Overview Lecture On Fixed And Working Capital

1m 00s

Concept Of Fixed Capital(In Hindi)

9m 06s

Concept Of Capital Budgeting(In Hindi)

7m 59s

Concept Of Working Capital(In Hindi)

7m 28s

Concept Of Financial Market(In Hindi)

8m 36s

Classification Of Financial Market(In Hindi)

11m 39s

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