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(Hindi) February 2019: The Hindu - Daily News Analysis by Jatin Verma


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Jatin Verma

In this course, the educator discusses the daily thread-bare analysis of all the important news articles from The Hindu, Indian Express, ToI, Economic Times strictly following the present UPSC CSE exam pattern.



9 reviews

Diksant Kumar Yadav

reviewed on Feb 11, 2019

the course is good . since i am beginner for upsc preperation a lotof understanding is developed as gradually day by day. sometime i will not understand . i hope i will understand later on.

Ranu Singh

reviewed on Feb 24, 2019

awesome analysis by you sir thanx alot your analysis helped me by this tym as prelims is approaching

Satish Kumar

reviewed on Feb 23, 2019

A great course from a generous human being... I respect your lots of effort. thank you, sir.

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