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(Hindi) Equilibrium: Crash course for IIT-JEE | NEET | AIIMS


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Pradeep Sharma

This course is Based on Topic Equilibrium covering both (a) Chemical equilibrium (b) Ionic equilibrium . All the Topics essential for NEET, AIIMS , JEE , BITS etc will be covered in this course.This course is highly Important for students preparing for competitive exams.



13 reviews

Priya Gowda

reviewed on Mar 26, 2020

thanks alot sir it was really very helpful . actually I didn't understand this in my lg but after seeing this I completely understood this and ur explanation is so simple and it's very good and once again thanks a lot sir

Abrar Bachi

reviewed on Oct 9, 2018

Thank you sir.. your teaching is awesome... Your teaching is relevant not like other teachers they are teaching an unrelevant topics and consume our precious time please sir compelete this crash course as soon as possible . Love you sir i am from kashmir..we always suffer strikes an average we suffer 2 to 3 days strikes in a week .. i download your videos and watch them offline.. Love you sir ❤️

janya sharma

reviewed on Apr 7, 2018

thank you sir for such an amazing course .. this is really helpful

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