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11 lessons • 1h 42m

Some Basic Terms Of English(Subject And Predicate) Part-1 (in Hindi)

10m 49s

Basic Terms of English, part-2(finite verb, infinite verb , principal,coordinate clause)

10m 55s

Basic English Terms (Part-3) Sentence Structure-Simple,Compound,Complex,Mixed Sentence (in Hindi)

10m 33s

IPractice Questions on Simple, Complex and Compound Sentences (in Hindi)

8m 54s

Basic Terms Of English (Part-4)-Affirmative,Negative,Imperative,Exclamatory Sentence (in Hindi)

8m 23s

Noun and types of noun(proper and common noun)

9m 58s

Collective, Material and Abstract noun

9m 02s

Countable and non- countable noun

9m 04s

Articles(A,An, The)

9m 33s


8m 07s


7m 29s

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