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(Hindi) Engineering Mechanics - Trusses


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Gaurav Joshi

Engineering Mechanics is one of the most essential topic for any Engineering Competitive Exams related to mechanical engineering. Truss chapter deals with all the problems related to force analysis of structures. To start this topic, one should have basic idea about force Analysis.



42 reviews

Ritwik Dhar

reviewed on Sep 30, 2018

Very much helpful, not only for those who are preparing by self but also for those who are in some coaching center. Because sometime strategically studying is more important than studying without having any direction. But Please make ease to find best courses sometimes finding difficulty to find best educator. And also please remove some fake or poor educators so that we dont get bewildered by them.

Abhishek Verma

reviewed on Sep 25, 2018

sir ji very excellent explanation.. agar aap MD padha de to life ban jayegi sahab ji.. please sir ji 🙏🙏🙏 agar possible hoto please padha dijiye.. Thanks alot for this hard work.

Saurav Parashar

reviewed on Sep 14, 2018

Dhanyawaad for conveying your knowledge in a very lucid way. I keep on watching your lectures and you keep on delivering the best!

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