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(Hindi) Electrostatics : IIT JEE


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19 reviews

Udit Gupta

This is an exhaustive course covering the basics with numerous examples to support the cause and step by step reaching the toughest part of the topic with ease. Due to the large course structure of the topic, patience becomes an important virtue to thoroughly understand it. I hope the learner would try to grasp one lesson at a time and asking doubts would also be beneficial. The last thing that would be covered in the course is previous year questions to help students achieve the level of confidence required to crack any competitive exam.



19 reviews

Sahil Patil

reviewed on Dec 3, 2018

Good lectures for students who preparing for JEE . Theory explained is too good. Thank you sir.

Ashu Thakur

reviewed on Oct 24, 2018

Best explanation of each and every topic. After this course I think I don't need now any book for this chapter for theory oart

jimmy choo

reviewed on Dec 3, 2018

good but not as class room because examples are not much expained in this course

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