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Class 12 Physics Syllabus and Introduction of Electrostatics (in Hindi)

9m 23s

What is Electrostatics ? What is Charge ? (in Hindi)

14m 18s

Basic Concept of Charging (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Numerical Practice Based on Charge (in Hindi)

11m 51s

Method of Charging of Body (in Hindi)

9m 32s

What is charging by friction? (In Hindi)

13m 31s

Important numerical of electrostatics (In Hindi)

13m 07s

What is charging by conduction? (In Hindi)

12m 21s

Class 12 Physics NCERT solution - 1.11

9m 04s

12th Class physics NCERT solution of 1.3

11m 58s

Class 12 Physics NCERT solution of 1.4 (In Hindi)

8m 34s

12th class physics NCERT solution of 1.5 (In Hindi)

7m 37s

Most important question.

11m 29s

Charging by Induction ||

8m 58s

Important Question practice!!

7m 44s

Properties of charge !!

12m 50s

Conservation of charge !!

7m 20s

Quantization of charge.

12m 13s

Question based on quantization.

10m 25s

Coulomb's Law-1

12m 49s

Coulomb's Law-2

9m 52s

Numerical based on coulomb's law.

10m 10s

NCERT-1.1 solution ।।

7m 19s

NCERT-1.2 Solution //

10m 10s

Force in another medium other than air.

12m 45s

Numericals practice ।।

10m 59s

Conceptual Questions ..

11m 49s

AIIMS - 2011 Questions ।।

10m 49s

NEET (AIPMT) - 2010 Questions ।।

7m 40s

Dimension changing Questions-1 .

11m 37s

Dimension changing Questions-2 !!

8m 15s

Dimension changing Questions-3 ।।

8m 22s

Charge transfer problem.

7m 36s

JEE - Main (2004) solution ..

8m 17s

NEET-2019 Question solutions ।।

7m 23s

Superposition of electric force .

8m 45s

Revision of Vector.

12m 24s

Numerical on superposition-1 ।।

10m 30s

Numerical on superposition-2 ।।

9m 31s

Superposition of electric force-3 ।।

9m 29s

Superpositionof electric force-4 ।।

8m 56s

Numerical on superposition-5 ।।

10m 12s

JEE Main Exam - 2002 question solution.

9m 20s

Conceptual Questions-1

9m 57s

Conceptual Questions-2

10m 03s

Conceptual Questions-3

10m 22s

What is Electric Field-1

15m 00s

What is Electric field - 2

11m 53s

Direction of electric field .

12m 18s

Basic numerical of Electric field.

11m 58s

Superposition of electric field .

12m 02s

Numerical on superposition

7m 21s

NCERT-1.8 Solution

12m 07s

Electric field due to ring at axis - 1 (VVI)

14m 48s

Electric field due to ring at axis - 2 (VVI)

14m 55s

Ring Numerical - 1

8m 59s

Ring Numerical - 2 ।।

10m 01s

Ring Numerical - 3 ।।

7m 06s

Electric field due to charge wire-1

11m 35s

Electric field due to charge wire -2

7m 32s


6m 30s

Electric field due to arc

10m 09s

Electric field due to Conducting sphere

12m 03s

Electric field due to non-conducting solid sphere

8m 39s

Electric Potential Energy-1

14m 27s

Electric Potential Energy-2.

10m 43s

Derivation of Electric Potential Energy.

13m 16s

Numerical on electric potential energy.

8m 05s

Energy for Multiple Charge

9m 28s

Numerical on multiple charge.

8m 20s

Change in E. P. E.

10m 10s

Important Numerical

7m 26s

Electric potential

11m 11s

Numerical on electric potential.

7m 56s

Numerical of electric potential-2

7m 10s

Potential difference.

7m 39s

Important Numerical

6m 16s

Potential due to continuous charge

10m 20s

Relation between electric field and potential

15m 00s

Important Numerical-1

8m 59s

Important Numerical - 2

7m 58s

NEET-2015 Previous Year Question

5m 54s

Mains-2011 & NEET-2014 Question

7m 20s

Calculation of Potential

8m 38s

JEE-Main 2014 Solution

9m 17s

Equipotential Surface-1

10m 15s

Equipotential Surface - 2

11m 07s

Numerical Practice-1

8m 03s

Numerical Practice- 2

7m 13s

Electric Flux-1

11m 02s

Electric Flux-2

9m 51s

Electric Flux-3

8m 27s

NCERT - 1.15 Solution

7m 42s

Gauss Theorem

8m 40s

Numerical On Gauss Theorem

11m 41s

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