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(Hindi) Electrostatics for Pre-Medical


103 ratings

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Aakash Krishna

This course is much helpful for JEE & NEET students. Eectrostatics weightage is much in all exam. Many tricks and concept is discussed in this course so that students can easily attempt the questions in the examination.



12 reviews

Ashmita Singh

reviewed on May 6, 2020

worst course ever...ive been learing a while from your courses and this is the most useless course in my opinion.... u completed this course in such a hurry i mean its like u wanted to complete this course anyhow not caring if students are getting the concept or was such a waste of time....the topics were not even covered thoroughly and the questions you were explaining doesnt even come in neet exams!!! whatever i just wasted 2hours of my life on this shitty course😡😤

Amol magre

reviewed on Feb 2, 2020

fabulous it is rank saving thank to akash sir as well as unacadmy to provide quality of teaching and learning in this format.thank very much from bottom of heart.

Naveen s

reviewed on Nov 10, 2019

can u provide whole phy 12th for free ND if possible chemistry also..

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