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(Hindi) Electrochemistry for NEET and AIIMS


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Prakriti Bhonsle

In this course, the educator discusses the study of Electrochemical and Electrolytic Cells and The measurement of conductance and its variation with concentration for NEET & AIIMS .



10 reviews


reviewed on May 26, 2020

mam ur classes are supeb mam i am big fan of ur classes and ur🧠..ur think super mam and every day chemistry classes are there but i see ur class only..i understand hindi somewords and somewords are not understand to me...can u try in middle word in..'ENGLISH'

pooja Ugale

reviewed on Apr 21, 2020

🤗🎀great thankuu so much di ....❤🙃 speed thodi fast karna bas usase students jaldi gain kr payega aur active listening hogi 🙂

Krishna Avtar

reviewed on Mar 25, 2020

You are velieant mem you are teaching very well I am impressed . your. teaching petern is so good mem

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