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(Hindi) Differentiation For JEE Main and Advanced


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51 reviews

Vineet Loomba

This course covers all concepts of method of differentiation namely derivative of standard functions, product rule, quotient rule, chain rule, inverse functions, logarithmic differentiation, implicit functions and advanced problems



51 reviews

Asli Cash

reviewed on Jun 20, 2019

best course on differential , 1000 % better than my institution teaches I can rate it 100000000 as in my class I can't solve even one problem my teacher taught but now I can prove them wrong thanqqqqqqq

Celestial rex

reviewed on Jun 20, 2019

excellent way of teaching and highly recommended for droppers and repeaters 🥰🥰🥰

Omkar Kharadkar

reviewed on May 18, 2019

thank you very very much sir for making this chapter please add all lessons this is a very basic chapter and we all need it.Especially I am facing lots of problem because of this chapter in many chapers of maths as well as physics . so please add all chapters, it is very important topic. 🙏

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