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29 lessons • 6h 4m

Introduction to Differential Equation (in Hindi)

10m 31s

Introduction : Order and Degree of a Differential Equation (in Hindi)

13m 49s

Formation of a Differential Equation - Examples (in Hindi)

12m 23s

Formation of Differential Equation (in Hindi)

9m 01s

Solutions of a Differential Equation : Types of Profiles (in Hindi)

12m 53s

Differential equation,variable separable, simple questions

11m 43s

Differential equation reducible to variable separable

12m 33s

DY by DX = line upon Line ( important profile)

11m 54s

Exact differential on cross multiplication, line upon line

10m 02s

Polar co-ordinate type

11m 30s

Homogeneous differential equation

14m 48s

Examples on homogeneous differential equation

14m 56s

Equation reducible to homogeneous differential equation

14m 39s

Linear differential equation

14m 56s

Questions on linear differential equation

14m 20s

Equations which can be transformed in linear

10m 34s

Mixture problems

12m 42s

Bernoulli equation

11m 50s

Similar profiles related to bernoulli equation

12m 14s

Exact differential equation, profile, how to solve

11m 32s

Equation reducible to exact form

13m 43s

More Examples on linear differential, mixed

12m 17s

General and miscellaneous problems

12m 58s

Homogeneous in disguise

13m 32s

More questions, objective type

13m 07s


13m 02s

Application of 1st order DE

11m 31s

Dilution problems, another special Substitution

13m 07s

Geometrical application, Examples

11m 46s

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