10 lessons • 1h 31m

Overview (in Hindi)

2m 13s

Concept of Cost - Explicit Cost, Implicit Cost, and Opportunity C (in Hindi)

11m 43s

Concept of TFC and TVC (in Hindi)

8m 56s

Relations Between TC, TVC and TFC (in Hindi)

11m 18s

Difference Between TFC and TVC (in Hindi)

8m 21s

Why Tvc Initially Increases at Diminishing Rate and Later at Increasing Rate (in Hindi)

10m 02s

Concept of Average Fixed cost (AFC)

10m 55s

Concept of Average Variable cost (AVC)

9m 09s

Marginal Cost Curve (in Hindi)

9m 57s

Relationship between MC, AC, AVC and AFC (in Hindi)

8m 28s