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15 lessons • 2h 13m

Introduction of Course. (in Hindi)

3m 16s

Aurangzeb Alamgir. (in Hindi)

10m 07s

Few Facts About Later Mughals.(In Hindi).

9m 24s

Bahadur Shah 1- part 1. ( In Hindi).

10m 10s

Bahadur Shah 1.Part-2.(in Hindi).

8m 31s

Jahandar Shah.(1712-1713).(in Hindi)

9m 25s

Farrukh Siyar.(1713-1719).( In Hindi)

8m 08s

Muhammad Shah.(1719-1748)-Part 1.(In Hindi).

8m 56s

Muhammad Shah.(1719-1748). Part 2.

10m 29s

Muhammad Shah.(1719-1748).part-3.

8m 14s

Shah Alam 2. (1759-1806).

8m 14s

Cause of Decline of Mughal Empire. Part 1.

11m 07s

Cause of decline of mughal empire part 2.

8m 02s

Cause of decline of mughal empire part 3.

8m 12s

Outcome of decline of mughal empire and mindmaps revision.

10m 50s

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