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10 lessons • 1h 35m

Lesson - 1 : Introduction, Strategy, Planning and Syllabus of D.I (in Hindi)

8m 44s

Lesson - 2 : Introduction of Analysis of Data (in Hindi)

10m 43s

Lesson - 3 : Pie or Circular Chart Type - 1 (in Hindi)

10m 49s

Lesson - 4 : Pie or Circular Chart Type - 2 (in Hindi)

9m 36s

Lesson - 5 : Pie or Circular Chart Type - 3 (in Hindi)

12m 14s

Lesson -6 Bar graph (दण्ड आरेख) type-1

10m 33s

Lesson-7 Bar graph ( दण्ड आरेख)type-2

10m 43s

Lesson-8 bar graph (दण्ड आरेख) type-3

11m 45s

Lesson-9 Bar Graph( दण्ड आरेख) type-4

10m 19s

Lesson-10 Bar Graph (दण्ड आरेख) type-5

10m 38s

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