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22 lessons • 3h 28m

(Hindi) Overview: Daily Lecture Series by Vimal Singh Rathore

2m 28s

(Hindi) 'Chenani - Nashri Tunnel' - An Infrastructural Marvel

8m 26s

(Hindi) BS III Fuel and Vehicles Ban by Supreme Court

9m 50s

(Hindi) Smart India Hackathon - Important Highlights

8m 52s

(Hindi) Dalai Lama's Visit to Tawang and its Implications

9m 04s

(Hindi) India and the issue of NSG Membership

12m 32s

(Hindi) ‘Living Entity Status’ of the River Ganga and Mission Clean Ganga

10m 56s

(Hindi) NAVIC / IRNSS - India's Own Navigation System

10m 11s

(Hindi) Modern History - Chronology of Events, Important Acts and Governor Generals

14m 59s

(Hindi) Recent issues of Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) and VVPAT

12m 16s

(Hindi) The Teesta River Water Issue between India and Bangladesh

12m 52s

(Hindi) Difference between European Union and the Eurozone

7m 37s

(Hindi) BREXIT - Implications for the UK and the world

13m 35s

(Hindi) A to Z about Syrian Civil War and Chemical Attack - Part 1

10m 12s

(Hindi) A to Z about Syrian Civil War and Chemical Attack - Part 2

7m 53s

(Hindi) UDAN Scheme - Ude Desh Ka Aam Nagrik

5m 48s

(Hindi) NAM (Non-Alignment Movement) and its relevance

10m 00s

(Hindi) Everything one should know about Nobel Prizes 2016

7m 27s

(Hindi) Important Points about Universe

6m 19s

(Hindi) Recent WannaCry Ransomware Attack

9m 08s

(Hindi) Hyperloop Project by Elon Musk - Everything that you should know about it

10m 08s

(Hindi) Analysis of Triple Talaq Verdict by Honourable Supreme Court

7m 36s

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