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(Hindi) Crash Course on Thermodynamics: JEE Main & NEET


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Anirudh Walia

This course is designed specifically for students to provide insight knowledge of thermodynamics by covering all the concepts. Along with Handwritten Notes, sufficient numerical problems have taken for providing a better understanding of the concepts. Formula list is also provided for quick revision of formulas.



52 reviews

Prachi agrahari

reviewed on Jul 18, 2018

you are amazing teacher sir.. your videos on YouTube are also best and very easily you explain tough topics .


reviewed on Jun 12, 2018

i got it sir...thnxc for this bt i have confusion in solving enthalpy related problms like enthalpy of formation etc. plzzxz help me in doing so

Balkrishna Harode

reviewed on Mar 23, 2018

It was very helpful but done if the formulas are little bit confusing will you please make a video for all the tricks to learn physical chemistry formulas and yes clasious caprion equation and it's application is somewhere doubtful to me

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