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50 lessons • 7h 47m

Vitamins Part - 1 (in Hindi)

12m 39s

Vitamins Part - 2 (in Hindi)

8m 33s

Minerals Salts (in Hindi)

8m 18s

Nervous System (in Hindi)

9m 26s

Excretory System Part - 1 (in Hindi)

7m 49s

Excretory System Part - 2 (in Hindi)

10m 41s

Human Respiratory System Part - 1 (in Hindi)

11m 12s

Human Respiratory System Part-2

11m 52s

Skeleton System

11m 06s

Muscular System Or Organ

10m 53s

Reproduction System Part-1

9m 17s

Reproduction System Part-2

9m 02s

Endocrine System Or Gland Part -1

11m 02s

Endocrine System Or Gland Part-2

8m 33s

Endocrine System Or Gland Part-3

7m 39s

Animal Kingdom Part-1

9m 26s

Animal Kingdom Part-2

7m 44s

Animal Kingdom Part-3

9m 07s

Animal Kingdom (Part-4)

9m 12s

Animal Tissue (जंतु ऊतक)

9m 33s

Human Disease (मानव रोग) Part-1

12m 18s

Virus Disease (विषाणु रोग) Part-2

8m 46s

Human Disease/Virus Disease Part-3

8m 27s

Human Disease/Virus Disease Part-4

9m 56s

Fungal Disease Part-5

9m 10s

Protozoa and Non-Infexious Disease Part-6

8m 13s

Protozoa and Non-Infexious Disease Part-7

7m 30s

Virus Disease Part-8

8m 17s

Virus Disease Part-9

8m 11s

Bacterial Disease Part-1

9m 12s

Bacterial Disease Part-2

7m 18s

Bacterial Disease Part-3

10m 47s

Plant Hormone Part-1

8m 22s

Plant Hormone Part-2

8m 14s

Plant Classification Part-1

11m 22s

Plant Classification Part-2

7m 26s

Plant Classification Part-3

8m 08s

Plant Classification-4

7m 58s

Plant classification and Morphology

9m 04s

Plant Morphology Part-2

8m 56s

Plant Morphology Part-3

10m 12s

Plant Morphology Part-4

9m 37s

Plant Morphology (Leaf and Roots) Part-5

9m 18s

Plant Morphology (Stem) Part-6

10m 39s

Plant Tissue

9m 05s

Human Eye (मानव नेत्र)

8m 27s

Mislenious MCQ Of Biology

10m 02s

Mislenious MCQ of Biology

10m 20s

Imp MCQ of Bio

10m 04s

Imp mcq in Bio

8m 27s

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