26 lessons • 5h 25m

Topics Covered in this Course (in Hindi)

12m 28s

Lec 1 : Werner's Theory of Coordination Compounds (with example) (in Hindi)

12m 30s

Lec 2 : Primary Valency and Secondary Valency (important) (in Hindi)

13m 13s

Lec 3: Werner's Theory Explained in Detail (in Hindi)

14m 51s

Lec 4: Werner's Theory Part 2 (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Lec 5 : Werner's Theroy (questions) (in Hindi)

10m 37s

Quick Revision of all topics till here ( Werner's Theory in one shot )

14m 03s

Lec 6 : Valence Bond Theory

13m 06s

Lec 7 : Pairing of electrons in Valence Bond Theory ( VBT )

15m 00s

Lec 8 : pairing of electrons in VBT ( part 2 )

14m 10s

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