16 lessons • 2h 39m

Introduction (in Hindi)

5m 51s

Definition of Signal, System and Control System(in Hindi)

8m 55s

Components of Control Systems (in Hindi)

11m 48s

Transfer Function of Control Systems(in Hindi)

10m 24s

Calculation of Poles, Zeroes, Gain, Order, Type of the Control Systems(in Hindi)

11m 00s

Closed Loop and Open Loop Transfer Function Calculation (in Hindi)

10m 23s

Numerical problems and Practice questions on control systems (in hindi)

11m 43s

Concept of Time Constant (in hindi)

10m 38s

Impulse response of the control system(in hindi)

10m 10s

Numerical problems on impulse response analysis(in hindi)

10m 58s

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