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42 lessons • 8h 2m

Overview of Chapter and Importance of Chapter (in Hindi)

8m 58s

Lecture - 1 Continuity (How to Check Function's Continuity) (in Hindi)

14m 08s

Lecture - 2 Discontinuity and Types of Discontinuity (in Hindi)

14m 03s

Lecture - 3 Continuity and Discontinuity (Examples) (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Lecture - 4 Continuity (Examples) and Algebra of Continuity, Intermediate Value Theorem (in Hindi)

13m 03s

Lecture -5 part - 1st ,(most important questions ) cbse, ncert

15m 00s

Lecture -6 part 2nd ( most imp. Question, cbse ncert)

14m 50s

Lecture -7, part 3 (cbse ncert most important questions)

12m 45s

Lecture - 8 differentiability

15m 00s

Lecture - 9 Differentiation ( chain rule)

14m 03s

Lecture 10 (Derivatives of inverse trigonometric functions)

13m 35s

Lecture 11 (part 2 derivatives of inverse trigonometric functions)

14m 10s

Lecture 12 (Implicit and explicit function)

14m 19s

Lecture 13. ( derivatives of exponential function

11m 10s

Lecture 14 ( examples of exponential function

10m 02s

Lecture 15 ( derivatives of logarithm function

12m 02s

Lecture 16 ( derivative of logarithm and exponential functions)

12m 08s

Lecture 17 ( derivatives of functions in parametric form)

11m 26s

Lecture 18 ( second order derivative)

10m 27s

Lecture 19 (part 2 second order derivative)

10m 08s

Lecture 20 (part 3 second order derivative)

10m 50s

Lecture 21 ( 4th part of second order derivative)

10m 55s

Lecture 22 ( rolle's theorem)

10m 04s

Lecture 23 ( examples based on rolle's theorem)

12m 07s

Lecture 24 ( lagrange 's mean value theorem)

10m 03s

Lecture 25 ( examples on mean value theorem)

11m 16s

Lecture 26 (part 1 -practice test )

10m 51s

Lecture 27 (examples of limits)

10m 01s

Lecture 28 ( examples on limits)

10m 01s

Lecture 29 (examples on limits)

10m 09s

Lecture 30 (examples on limit)

8m 01s

Lecture 31 (examples on limits)

10m 03s

Lecture 32 (basic needs for limit s higher questions)

10m 11s

Lecture 33 (previous year iit jee

10m 01s

Lecture 34 (previous year iit jee

10m 01s

Lecture 35 ( examples on continuity

10m 01s

Lecture 36 ( examples on continuity

11m 18s

Lecture 37 ( examples on continuity

10m 01s

Lecture 38 ( examples based on continuity

10m 01s

Lecture 39 ( examples on continuity

10m 03s

Lecture 40( IIT JEE mains examples on continuity)

10m 07s

Lecture 41 ( examples on continuity IIT JEE mains exam)

10m 01s

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