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(Hindi) Comprehensive Question Bank on Ratio And Proportion


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Shubham Agrawal

This course on Ratio and Proportion will cover all the theory and sample problems needed to master Quantitative Aptitude for banking exams. It focuses on the basic concept of What is Ratio/Proportion, how to solve questions on ratio and proportion, Mixtures and Alligation, etc. Tags: Ratio, Proportion, Direct proportion, Indirect proportion, Mixture, Alligation, Ratio and Proportion Formula, Ratio and Proportion, Ratio and Proportion Questions, Ratio and Proportion Problems, Ratio and proportion in Hindi, Ratio and proportion tricks for bank exams, Ratio and proportion questions and answers for Bank exams, Ratio and proportion problems for Bank exam, Ratio and proportion shortcuts for Bank PO.



4 reviews

Aman Kumar Kanth

reviewed on Oct 21, 2019

;choota packet bada dhamaka . In this course, everything has been taught in such a manner that keeps you to the root or to the base hitting a hunter to advance ones.

Ananya singh

reviewed on Nov 5, 2019

mast padha rhe h ap sir thank you soo much Etna hard work krne ke liye

John Himani

reviewed on Oct 29, 2018

very helpful. In fact entire unacademy is very useful in exam tines, keep up the good work guys. Jaii Ho

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