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(Hindi) Complete Old NCERT Course on World History - UPSC CSE


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Shubham Singh

The course covers a chapter wise complete World History from NCERT with simple explanation, illustration and tricks to learn Facts and events.


55 lessons • 7 h 31 m
Course Overview (in Hindi)

5m 23s

Chapter 1: Colonialism and Imperialism (in Hindi)

12m 31s

Chapter 1: Neo Imperialism (in Hindi)

9m 45s

Chapter 1: Colonial Era Influence on todays World (in Hindi)

11m 47s

Chapter 1. Why Colonialism Started. (NCERT World History)

9m 37s

Chapter 1. Factors responsible for Colonialism.

12m 42s

Chapter 1. Factors responsible for Colonialism. Part 2.

13m 44s

Chapter 1: Factors responsible for Colonization. Part 3.

13m 37s

Chapter 2:: Colonialism in Africa. (NCERT World History)

11m 12s

Chapter 2. Impact of Slave Trade. ( Old NCERT World History )

7m 42s

Chapter 2: Why Africa was easily defeated.

8m 55s

Chapter 2: Paper partition of Africa. (NCERT World History)

6m 54s

Chapter 2: Making of Suez Canal. ( Old NCERT World History )

11m 01s

Chapter 3. Imperialism in China. ( Old NCERT World History )

5m 27s

Chapter 3: 1st and 2nd Opium War.

5m 28s

Chapter 3: Cutting of Chinese Mellon. ( Old NCERT World History )

8m 35s

Chapter 3. Rise of Japan. ( Old NCERT World History )

7m 46s

Chapter 3. Russia - Japan War. ( Old NCERT World History )

6m 44s

Chapter 3: Colonization in South East Asia.

8m 09s

Chapter 3:: Colonialism in Central Asia.

6m 56s

Chapter 3:: Sykes Picot Agreement and Rise of ISIS.

8m 36s

Chapter 4: Pre Industrial Revolution.

9m 24s

Chapter 4:: Capitalism. ( Old NCERT World History )

8m 36s

Chapter 4:: Industrial Revolution and Colonialism.

8m 21s

Chapter 4:: Industrial Revolution. ( Old NCERT World History )

9m 32s

Chapter 4:: Why Industrial revolution Started in Britain.

9m 26s

Chapter 4:: Contribution of Technology in IR.

9m 00s

Chapter 4:: Urbanization and Social impact.

8m 35s

Chapter 4:: IR impact on Women and Society.

10m 14s

Chapter 4 :: Workers Rights. ( Old NCERT World History )

6m 05s

Chapter 4:: Laissez Faire Philosophy. ( Old NCERT World History )

7m 03s

Chapter 4:: Rise of Socialism. ( Old NCERT World History )

12m 27s

Chapter 5:: Early Socialist.

8m 50s

Chapter 5:: Marxian Socialism.

9m 50s

Chapter 5:: Impact of Marxian Socialism.

5m 04s

Chapter 5:: 1st International.

7m 08s

Chapter 5:: 2nd International.

8m 18s

Chapter 5:: 2nd International Limitations.

8m 45s

Chapter 6: French Revolution. Social conditions.

5m 25s

Chapter 6: French Revolution. 3 Estates.

6m 10s

Chapter 6: French Revolution. Thinkers.

11m 53s

Chapter 6: French Revolution. Oath of Tennis Court.

6m 13s

Chapter 6: French Revolution. Fall of Bastille.

6m 22s

Chapter 6: French Revolution. Split of National Assembly.

5m 05s

Chapter 6: French Revolution. Rise of Napoleon.

5m 33s

Chapter 6: French Revolution. Fall of Napoleon.

6m 24s

Chapter 6: French Revolution. Impact.

9m 39s

Chapter 6: French Revolution. Impact on World.

6m 13s

Chapter 6: Renaissance and Reformation. (Feudalism)

8m 00s

Chapter 6:: Renaissance and Reformation.

5m 30s

Chapter 7:: Renissance and Reformation. Part 3.

5m 51s

Chapter 7:: Reformation.

6m 38s

Chapter 8:: American Revolution. Part 1.

6m 11s

Chapter 8:: American Revolution. Part 2.

5m 13s

Chapter 8:: American Revolution. Part 3.

6m 02s



8 reviews

Meenu Gurjar

reviewed on Nov 16, 2019

All chapters are great and lecture design,exaplain both good.

Rakesh Baghel

reviewed on Nov 1, 2019

sir aap akele aise educator hain unacademy pe jo slides ko explain karte hain na ki read karte hain.aapke padhane ka tareeka itna achha hai ki agar aapki awaz hi akeli sunte raho bhale hi slide na padhu.sab yaad ho jata hai.abhari rahunga aapka m to.thanku so much.aap IAS ban ne se pehle itna achha kaam kar rahe hain ummid rakhta hu ban ne ke baad bhi karenge.or sir aapki awaz nilesh mishra se milti hai jo FM pe stories sunata hai. imagination create kar dete ho aap mind me movie ki tarah.

Soumen Bera

reviewed on Oct 9, 2019

sir,It's a wounderful learning experience it's clear my doubts about world history your dedication;teaching style; subject presentation are really helpful.

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