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14 lessons • 2h 8m

Introduction Of Course (in Hindi)

3m 52s

World Scenario: During 14th Century (in Hindi)

9m 20s

Renaissance in Europe (in Hindi)

8m 56s

Why Portugal Initiate the Discoveries? (in Hindi)

11m 30s

Discovery of India (in Hindi)

10m 00s

Vasco Da Gama For India.( In Hindi)

9m 03s

Second Portuguese to visit India: CABRAL and First Portuguese viceroy in India: Almeida.(in Hindi).

11m 49s

Portuguese battles in India. ( In Hindi)

8m 47s

Real founder of Portuguese in East: Albuquerque. (In Hindi)

10m 18s

Nuno Da Cunha: Treaty of Bassein and many more. (In Hindi)

8m 54s

Portuguese establishment in India. (In Hindi)

8m 27s

Religious policy of Portuguese in India. (In Hindi)

9m 08s

Why mughals turned Anti Portuguese.(in Hindi)

8m 14s

Decline of Portuguese in India.(In Hindi)

9m 57s

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