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15 lessons • 1h 46m

Introduction (in Hindi)

2m 34s

Chapter 1- Kinds of Sentences (in Hindi)

7m 30s

Chapter 2- Parts of Speech (in Hindi)

10m 54s

Chapter 3- Noun- types of Noun(in Hindi)

11m 48s

Chapter 4 - Noun - Noun of Number and Gender(in Hindi)

12m 21s

Chapter 5- Noun- Important rules related to noun(in hindi)

12m 57s

Chapter 6- Noun - Rules + Questions(in hindi)

12m 16s

Chapter 7 - Noun - Apostrophe 's (in hindi)

15m 00s

Chapter 8 - Noun - exercise level-1 (in hindi)

10m 41s

Chapter 9- Noun - Exercise level 2(in hindi)

10m 14s

Pronoun - chapter 1 (in hindi)

11m 07s

Pronoun- chapter 2 (in hindi)

11m 41s

Pronoun - chapter 3 (in hindi)

14m 10s

Pronoun - Exercise(in hindi)

13m 31s

Tense (Introduction & Present simple tense)

14m 37s

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