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41 lessons • 2h 54m

The Course Overview (in Hindi)

7m 55s

Noun and Numbers Part 1 (in Hindi)

13m 20s

Noun and Numbers Part 2 (in Hindi)

11m 36s

Noun and Numbers Part 3 (in Hindi)

10m 30s

Noun and Numbers Part 4 (in Hindi)

8m 49s

Noun and cases

9m 12s

Error detection in nouns

8m 13s

Pronouns (definition through examples)

7m 47s

Pronouns part 2-usage

12m 15s

Pronouns usage part 3

13m 54s

Pronouns part 4 (usage)

9m 49s

Error detection in Pronouns

12m 53s

Pronouns usage part 5

9m 50s

Tenses part 1 Present indefinite tense

13m 07s

Tenses part 2 - present Continuous Tense

8m 56s

Tenses part 3 Present Perfect Tense, use of since and for.

9m 08s

Translate it into English. Part 1

7m 15s

Present perfect Continuous Tense (identifications and usage)

8m 20s

Past simple/Past Indefinite tense

8m 04s

Past continuous tense (usage, identification)

6m 01s

Past perfect tense and past perfect Continuous Tense

7m 05s

Future Tense(Future simple, future Continuous, future perfect, future perfect Continuous Tense)

9m 15s


13m 07s

Important prepositions part 1

14m 06s

Important prepositions part 2

10m 24s

Important prepositions part 3

10m 07s

Conditional sentences

15m 00s

Conjunction best explained Part 1

13m 04s

Conjunction part 2

6m 53s

Superfluous expressions

10m 27s

Adjectives part 1(Identifications, usage)

10m 58s

Adverb (Complete definition of the Adverb)

15m 00s


8m 21s

What are sentences part 1(important for all)

12m 06s

How to identify Simple complex and compound sentences!

13m 13s

Vocabulary with root words (Bi, theism, natal, Claim)

14m 04s

Learn Complete 8 parts of speech in just one video

12m 56s

How to use phrases in a sentence

8m 12s

Error detection For RPSC ( miscellaneous)

14m 24s

Subject and verb Agreement part 1

11m 30s

Subject and verb Agreement part 2

10m 15s

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