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(Hindi) Complete Engineering Mathematics for GATE


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Rishikant Bairwa

this course covers all the topics of mathematics that comes under the GATE syllabus..each and every point is well explained and on those concepts some problems are solved for your understanding. Best Of Luck


43 lessons • 5 h 53 m
Course Overview (in Hindi)

3m 07s

[MATRIX] Types of Matrix: Part 1 (in Hindi)

8m 19s

[MATRIX] Types of Matrix: Part 2 (in Hindi)

9m 41s

[MATRIX] Types of Matrix: Part 3 (in Hindi)

8m 21s

[MATRIX] Algebra of Matrix (in Hindi)

8m 16s

[MATRIX] Special Terms Used in Matrices (in Hindi)

8m 02s

[MATRIX] Special Terms: Part 1 (in Hindi)

10m 15s

[MATRIX] Special Terms: Part 2 (in Hindi)

8m 08s

[MATRIX] Eigen Values and Eigen Vector (in Hindi)

8m 18s

[MATRIX] Properties of Matrix: Part 1 (in Hindi)

8m 04s

[MATRIX] Properties of Matrix: Part 2 (in Hindi)

8m 10s

[CALCULUS] Types Of Functions : Part 1 (in Hindi)

8m 23s

[CALCULUS] Types Of Functions : Part 2 (in Hindi)

8m 18s

[CALCULUS] Types Of Functions : Part 3 (in Hindi)

7m 13s

[CALCULUS] Limit (in Hindi)

8m 05s

[CALCULUS] Limit : Methods (in Hindi)

8m 17s

[CALCULUS] Continuity (in Hindi)

8m 02s

[CALCULUS] Differentiability (in Hindi)

8m 02s

[CALCULUS] Homogeneous Function (in Hindi)

8m 04s

[CALCULUS] Mean Value Theorems (in Hindi)

9m 21s

[CALCULUS] Maxima and Minima (in Hindi)

8m 10s

[CALCULUS] Beta and Gamma Function (in Hindi)

8m 12s

[CALCULUS] Double and Triple Integrals (in Hindi)

9m 44s

[CALCULUS] Vector Operators (in Hindi)

8m 12s

[CALCULUS] Line, Surface and Volume Integrals (in Hindi)

8m 05s

[CALCULUS] Theorems (in Hindi)

8m 20s

[DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS] Degree and Order (in Hindi)

8m 24s


8m 05s

[DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS] Linear Differential Equations (in Hindi)

8m 33s

[DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS] Exact Differential​ Equation (in Hindi)

8m 04s

[DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS] Homogeneous Equations (in Hindi)

8m 04s

[PROBABILITY] Basics Of Probability (in Hindi)

8m 35s

[PROBABILITY] Theorems Of Probability (in Hindi)

8m 12s

[PROBABILITY] Conditional Probability (in Hindi)

9m 01s

[PROBABILITY] Compound Events (in Hindi)

8m 06s

[PROBABILITY] Discrete Random Variables (in Hindi)

8m 03s

[PROBABILITY] Continuous Random Variables (in Hindi)

8m 04s

[PROBABILITY] Types Of Continuous Random Variables (in Hindi)

8m 03s

[PROBABILITY] Expectation Of Random Variable (in Hindi)

8m 03s

[PROBABILITY] Mean, Median, Mode and Std. Deviation (in Hindi)

8m 04s

[NUMERICAL METHODS] All Methods (in Hindi)

8m 02s

[NUMERICAL METHODS] Numerical Integration Methods(in Hindi)

8m 05s

[NUMERICAL METHODS] Numerical Integration Methods: Part 2 (in Hindi)

8m 17s



45 reviews

Prince Kumar Singh

reviewed on Sep 17, 2017

thanks rishikant sir for making the ossum course.As you have completed the whole mathematics which is great in itself. Studying Mathematics was a very big task especially for me. you made it too easy. I really thanks you from the bottom of my heart. thanks to the unacedmy team

Ajay Shejul

reviewed on Oct 25, 2017

This course is very helpful as I'm preparing for GATE 2018. Thank you for making such useful course.

Sunil Kr Suman

reviewed on Dec 31, 2017

very helpful course for me sir ji... thank you very much........

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