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26 lessons • 4h 43m

Syllogism Overview Lesson- 1 (in Hindi)

10m 47s

Syllogism Basic Concepts Lesson- 2 (in Hindi)

10m 31s

Basic Concept of Syllogism (+ve) Relation Lesson- 3 (in Hindi)

10m 24s

Basic Concept of Syllogism (-ve) Relation Lesson- 4 (in Hindi)

13m 31s

Practice Questions of Syllogism Lesson- 5 (in Hindi)

14m 13s

Lesson -6 Practice Questions of syllogism

12m 45s

Lesson-7 Practice Questions of Syllogism

12m 43s

Lesson - 8 Reverse Syllogism

13m 23s

Reverse syllogism practice questions lesson-9

12m 31s

Reverse syllogism practice questions Lesson-10

12m 13s

Syllogism Quiz (with timer) Lesson -11

11m 16s

Solutions of Syllogism Quiz Lesson-12

12m 38s

Quiz of Syllogism for your SBI exam lesson -13

5m 32s

Solutions of Syllogism quiz for SBI lesson-14

11m 16s

Syllogism Quiz for SBI PO

10m 36s

Solutions of Syllogism

13m 03s

Quiz of Syllogism for Upcoming examinations

7m 04s

Solution Of Syllogism Quiz

10m 30s

Quiz of Syllogism for SBI PO

10m 31s

Solutions of syllogism quiz

9m 41s

Reverse syllogism quiz

9m 01s

Solutions of syllogism quiz

11m 22s

Reverse syllogism Quiz

7m 14s

Solution of Syllogism quiz

11m 15s

Syllogism For clerk

8m 31s


10m 47s

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