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(Hindi) Complete Course on Hindi Grammar: Part 1


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Pratiksha Acharya

A language is "set of words" or in other in words "set of rules". This "set of rules" we call it as a Grammar. Grammar tells you the order in which the words are to be framed to form correct sentences. "Each language has its own rules or its own Grammar". Hindi Grammar is slightly different from English. In this course, Pratiksha Acharya will discuss Hindi grammar in detail.



7 reviews

Sushma Pathania

reviewed on Oct 30, 2019

you are too good and excellent and awesome teacher and my dream is to meet you in lifetime

Mukesh giri

reviewed on Sep 27, 2019

Very nice mam thank you mam

kamlesh ahirwar

reviewed on Jan 27, 2019

Amazing mam kitni gahrai se samjhati h me apki Hindi vyakaran sari dekhne Bala hoo thanks so much mem

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