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28 lessons • 4h 23m

Overview of the Course and with CBSE Syllabus (in Hindi)

3m 04s

Share Capital , Share and it's Types (in Hindi)

8m 56s

Types of Preference Share (in Hindi)

7m 08s

Difference Between Preference and Equity Shares Classifications of Share Capital (in Hindi)

14m 04s

Practical Question of Issue of share at lump sum

7m 55s

Issue of shares amt payable in instalment

7m 59s

Practical question of Share issued at par

6m 52s

Share Issued at premium

10m 02s

Practical question of share issued at Premium

4m 53s

Disclosure of Share Capital in Balance sheet

14m 19s

Practical question on Balance sheet

6m 34s

Concept of Calls in Arrears

14m 13s

Concept of Calls in Advance

9m 41s

Concept of Oversubscription of Shares

13m 48s

Rejection of Applications- Practical Question

5m 33s

Partial Allotment

11m 57s

Pro-rata Allotment understand with Practical Question.

5m 11s

Third Alternative to deal with Oversubscription-Rejection of Application with partial Allotment

9m 00s

Practical Question on third Alternative dealing with Oversubscription.

15m 00s

Forfeiture of Shares

7m 58s

Forfeiture of Shares - Originally issued at Premium.

5m 53s

Practical Question - Forfeiture of Shares

4m 53s

Reissue of Shares

10m 20s

Pro-rata Allotment - Practical Question

9m 47s

Practical Question

13m 53s

Practical Question

12m 05s

Practical Question as per CBSE sample paper 19-20 Part 1

15m 00s

CBSE sample paper Question Part 2

7m 24s

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