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(Hindi) Class 7th History NCERT Summary for UPSC CSE


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Sakshi Mittal

The course deals in detail about class 7th hisrory ncert summary.


53 lessons • 44 m
Overview (in Hindi)

2m 21s

Lesson 1 : Tracing Changes through Thousand Years - Part 1 (in Hindi)

13m 47s

Lesson 1-Tracing Changes through thousand years-Part2

14m 49s

Lesson 1-Tracing Changes through thousand years-Part3

13m 13s

Lesson 2-New Kings and Kingdoms-Part1

10m 31s

Lesson 2-New Kings and Kingdoms-Part1

10m 31s

Lesson 2:,New kings and Kingdoms-part2

11m 13s

Lesson 2-New Kings and Kingdoms-Part1

10m 31s

Lesson 2:New Kings and Kingdoms-Part3

10m 08s

Lesson 2:New Kings and Kingdoms-Part4

8m 21s

Lesson 3-The Delhi Sultans-Part 1

10m 01s

Lesson 3-The Delhi Sultans-Part2

10m 09s

Lesson 3-Ths Delhi Sultans-Part 3

11m 15s

Lesson 3-The Delhi sultans-Part 4

7m 42s

Lesson 3-The Delhi Sultans-Part 5

12m 12s

Lesson 3-The Delhi Sultans-Part6

13m 00s

Lesson 3-The Delhi Sultans-Part 7

7m 41s

Lesson 4-The Mughal Empire-Part1

9m 55s

Lesson 4-The Mughal Empire-Part2

7m 12s

Lesson 4-The Mughal Empire-Part 3

9m 49s

Lesson 4-The Mughal Empire-Part 4

9m 41s

Lesson 4-The Mughal Empire-Part 5

9m 17s

Lesson 4-The Mughal Empire-Part 6

6m 10s

Lesson 4-The Mughal Empite-Part 7

9m 44s

Lesson 4-Mughal Empire-Part 8

12m 45s

Lesson 4-Mughal Empire-Part 9

13m 45s

Lesson 5-Rulers and Buildings:Part 1

10m 12s

Lesson 5-Rulers and Buildings :Part 2

9m 55s

Lesson 5-Rulers and Buildings-Part 3

15m 00s

Lesson 5-Rulers and buildings-Part 4

6m 37s

Lesson 6Towns, trarers and craftspersons-part 1

13m 56s

Lesson 6 Towns,Traders and Craftspersons-Part 2

14m 28s

Lesson 6-Towns,Traders and CraftspersonsPart 3

12m 11s

Lesson 6-Towns, Traders and craftspersonsPart 4

14m 31s

Lesson 7-Tibes,Nomads and Settled Communities-Part 1

10m 04s

Lesson 7-Tibes,Nomads and Settled Communities-Part 2

10m 54s

Lesson 7- Tribes ,Nomads and Settled communities-Part 3

10m 13s

Lesson 7:Tribes, Nomads and settled Communities-Part4

14m 59s

Lesson 8-Devotional Path to the divine-Part 1

13m 37s

Lesson 8-Devotional Paths to the Divine-Part 2

11m 57s

Lesson 8-Devitional paths to the divine-Part 3

13m 27s

Lesson 8-Devitional Paths to the Divine-Part 4

15m 00s

Lesson 8-Devotional path to the divine-Part 5

8m 07s

Lesson 9-Making Of Regional Culture-Part 1

10m 49s

Lesson 9-The Making of regional culture-Part 2

10m 33s

Lesson 9-The Making Of regional cultures-Part 3

8m 28s

Lesson 9- Making of regional Culture-Part 4

8m 25s

Lesson 9-Making Of Regional culture-Part5

14m 28s

Lesson 10-Eighteenth Century-Political formations Part1

11m 08s

Lesson 10-Eighteenth century: Political Formations-Part 2

14m 50s

Lesson 10-Eighteenth Century:Politicial Formations-Part 3

10m 11s

Lesson 10-Eighteenth Century-Political Formations-Part 4

12m 56s

Lesson 10-Eighteeth Century-Political formations Part 5

6m 22s



29 reviews

Mukesh singh

reviewed on Dec 5, 2019

hame aap ka video dekh ke bahut kuchh sikhne ko Mila or mai aap se bahut parbhavit huaa .or aap ka vidio pura dekhta hu

Robin Borah

reviewed on Nov 18, 2019

Mam you teach so nicely your voice is so clear. And you teach with examples that is related to us and it makes easy to understand every topic of the lessons

op sharma

reviewed on Nov 6, 2019

excellent mam.. I like it.. i try to learn both languages Hindi and English and your class easily provide it..

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