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(Hindi) Class 12 Biology NCERT Unit 10: Ecology Summary


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Shreyaa Sharma

This course serves as a comprehensive revision module for the portion pertaining to ecology in the class 12 NCERT .



21 reviews

Abhishek Mishra

reviewed on Jun 30, 2017

thank you soo much for this mam #12ncert . In your intro profile u said u r working on disaster management . would you provide some notes or crash course video on particular this will help me in GS Paper 3 thank you mam

Arun Mishra

reviewed on Nov 1, 2017

Can you do series on Comparative anatomy and Classification for plants and animals. thank you.

Nishant Kumar

reviewed on Sep 24, 2017

Very much helpful explained very nicely. Thanks for making awesome course please add more lesson to this.

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