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49 lessons • 3h 56m

Chemical Equilibrium 01 (in Hindi) Static dynamic equilibrium, reversible and irreversible process

8m 49s

Chemical Equilibrium 02 (in Hindi) Irreversible process, examples of equilibrium

9m 13s

Chemical Equilibrium 03 (in Hindi) Graph- concentration vs time and ROR vs time

10m 36s

Chemical Equilibrium 04 (in Hindi) Law of mass action, how to write expression for equilibrium const

8m 39s

Chemical Equilibrium 05 (in Hindi) Kc and Kp

10m 38s

Chemical Equilibrium 06 (in Hindi) Relation between kc and kp

8m 58s

Chemical Equilibrium 07 (in Hindi) Numericals on kc and kp

9m 11s

Chemical Equilibrium 08 (in Hindi) Relating k with different modes of reaction

9m 14s

Chemical Equilibrium 09 (in Hindi) Relating k with different reaction

9m 31s

Chemical equilibrium 10 Temperature dependence of equilibrium constant,and it's graphical plot

7m 53s

Chemical equilibrium 11 Numericals on chemical equilibrium 01

10m 00s

Chemical equilibrium 12 Numericals on chemical equilibrium 02

9m 38s

Chemical equilibrium 13 Numericals on chemical equilibrium 03

8m 07s

Chemical equilibrium 14 Degree of dissociation and based numerical

8m 28s

Chemical equilibrium 15 Numerical on chemical equilibrium, DOD based Questions

7m 52s

Chemical equilibrium 16 Relation between observed molar mass and density

7m 53s

Chemical equilibrium 17 DOD relation with vapour density and based numerical

8m 03s

Chemical equilibrium 18 Numerical on DOD and le chateliar principle

8m 02s

Chemical equilibrium 19 Le chatelier princple, effect of con, pressure, temperature on equilibrium.

11m 02s

Ionic equilibrium 01 Acid base concept basic

9m 48s

Ionic equilibrium 02 Acid base concept, Lewis theory

10m 01s

Ionic equilibrium 03 Types of electrolytes

9m 09s

Ionic equilibrium 04 Weak electrolytes and it's example

8m 44s

Ionic equilibrium 05 Ka, kb and Ostwald dilution law

8m 42s

Ionic equilibrium 06 Numericals on Ostwald dilution law

9m 07s

Ionic equilibrium 07 Acidity in H3po4 And basicity in Al(oh)3

8m 57s

Ionic equilibrium 08 Temperature dependence of kw and numericals

10m 27s

Ionic equilibrium 09 Relation between ka, kb and kw and based numerical

10m 11s

Ionic equilibrium 10 Proportional relation of ka kb and kw and based numerical

9m 45s

Ionic equilibrium 11 Numericals on pH 01

9m 40s

Ionic equilibrium 12 Numerical on pH 02

10m 16s

Ionic equilibrium 13 Numerical on pH 03

9m 43s

Ionic equilibrium 14 Numerical on pH 04

11m 26s

Ionic equilibrium 15, numericals solving pH value 05

9m 47s

Ionic equilibrium 16, pH of mixture

8m 43s

Ionic equilibrium 17, numerical on pH of mixture

12m 58s

Ionic equilibrium 18, common ion effect

9m 43s

Ionic equilibrium 19, numerical on common ion effect

12m 46s


12m 22s

Ionic equilibrium 21, numerical on acidic buffer

12m 42s

Ionic equilibrium 22, how buffer works, numerical on mixing acid or base in buffer solution

13m 12s

Ionic equilibrium 23, buffer capacity,basic buffer

10m 04s

Ionic equilibrium 24 ,Numerical on basic buffer, working of basic buffer

10m 12s

Ionic equilibrium 25,salt hydrolysis

9m 39s

Ionic equilibrium 26, Salt hydrolysis, WB+ SA, numericals

8m 28s

Ionic equilibrium 27, WA+WB, salt hydrolysis, numericals

9m 52s

Ionic equilibrium 28, solubility product, AB,AB2,AB3,A2B3 TYPE SALT

10m 42s

Ionic equilibrium 29, solubility product numericals

8m 46s

Ionic equilibrium 30, ionic product, Numerical

10m 35s

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