18 lessons • 4h 4m

Molecular Orbital Theory, Bond Order and Magnetic Behaviour of Molecules (in Hindi)

14m 59s

L-0 Chemical Bonding Topics and Weightage (in Hindi)

4m 04s

L-1 Introduction to Chemical Bonding, Ionic Bond Formation and Born Haber Cycle (in Hindi)

14m 43s

L-2 Ionic Compound Properties, Factors Affecting Lattice and Hydration Enthalpies (in Hindi)

13m 55s

L-3 Fazan 's Rule: Explanation and Questions (in Hindi)

14m 49s

L-4 Covalent Bond Introduction and Lewis Dot Structure (in Hindi)

14m 59s

Formal Charge Concept and Lewis Dot Structure Examples (in Hindi)

12m 38s

L-6 Coordinate Bond & exception to Octet Rule..IIT JEE (in Hindi)

14m 55s

L-7 Bond energy, Bond length, Bond angle & Dipole Moment (in Hindi)

14m 53s

L-8 VSEPR Theory and shape of molecules with Dipole moment (in Hindi)

14m 56s

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