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(Hindi) Chapterwise Course on Verbal Reasoning: Railway Exams


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Priyanka Aggarwal

In this course, the educator discusses Chapterwise on verbal Reasoning This course will help you in every competitive exams Here we'll cover all about verbal Reasoning i.e., missing numbers, repeated series, Number Series, Analogy, Decision Making, Alphabet Series, etc


132 lessons • 11 h 45 m
Reasoning- Overview (in Hindi)

5m 31s

Chapter-1 : Repeated Series Part-1 (in Hindi)

12m 17s

Chapter-1 : Repeated Series Part-2 (in Hindi)

11m 58s

Chapter-1 : Repeated Series Part-3 (in Hindi)

12m 44s

Chapter-1 : Repeated Series Part-4 (in Hindi)

9m 00s

Chapter-1 : repeated series part-5 ( in Hindi)

11m 04s

Chapter-2 Missing numbers part-1 ( in Hindi)

12m 02s

Chapter-2 Missing numbers part-2 ( in Hindi)

12m 20s

Chapter-2 Missing numbers part-3 ( in Hindi)

12m 37s

Chapter-2 Missing numbers part-4 ( in Hindi)

13m 20s

Chapter-2 Missing numbers part-5 ( in Hindi)

11m 19s

Chapter-2 Missing numbers part-6 ( in Hindi)

8m 24s

Chapter-2 Missing numbers part-7 ( in Hindi)

12m 27s

Chapter-2 Missing numbers part-8 ( in Hindi)

10m 28s

Chapter-3 Analogy part-1 ( in Hindi)

11m 14s

Chapter-3 Analogy part-2 ( in Hindi)

8m 37s

Chapter-3 Analogy part-3 ( in Hindi)

8m 45s

Chapter-3 Analogy part-4 ( in Hindi)

8m 02s

Chapter-3 Analogy part-5 ( in Hindi)

8m 01s

Chapter-3 Analogy part-6 ( in Hindi)

10m 04s

Chapter-3 Analogy part-7 ( in Hindi)

10m 58s

Chapter-3 Analogy part-8 ( in Hindi)

9m 59s

Chapter-3 Analogy part-9 ( in Hindi)

10m 45s

Chapter-3 Analogy part-10 ( in Hindi)

11m 18s

Chapter-3 Analogy part-11 ( in Hindi

11m 23s

Chapter-3 Analogy part-12 ( in Hindi)

10m 59s

Chapter-3 Analogy part-13 ( in Hindi)

11m 31s

Chapter-3 Analogy part-14 ( in Hindi)

9m 29s

Chapter-3 Analogy part-15 ( in Hindi)

9m 59s

Chapter-3 Analogy part-16 ( in Hindi)

8m 14s

Chapter-3 Analogy part-17 ( in Hindi)

8m 47s

Chapter-3 Analogy part-18 ( in Hindi)

8m 04s

Chapter-4 Classification part-1 ( in Hindi)

9m 09s

Chapter-4 Classification part-2 ( in Hindi)

10m 01s

Chapter-4 Classification part-3 ( in Hindi)

10m 47s

Chapter-4 Classification part-4 ( in Hindi)

8m 36s

Chapter-4 Classification part-5 ( in Hindi)

10m 44s

Chapter-5 Coding-decoding part-1 ( in Hindi)

13m 08s

Chapter-5 Coding-decoding part-2 ( in Hindi)

9m 43s

Chapter-5 Coding-decoding part-3 ( in Hindi)

9m 43s

Chapter-5 coding-decoding part-4 ( in Hindi)

11m 01s

Chapter-5 coding-decoding part-5 ( in Hindi)

9m 39s

Chapter-5 coding-decoding part-6 ( in Hindi)

8m 15s

Chapter-5 coding-decoding part-7 ( in Hindi)

12m 26s

Chapter-6 venn diagram part-1 ( in Hindi)

10m 28s

Chapter-6 venn diagram part-2 ( in Hindi)

9m 00s

Chapter-6 venn diagram part-3 ( in Hindi)

8m 41s

Chapter-6 venn diagram part-4 ( in Hindi)

13m 03s

Chapter-7 syllogism Part-1 ( in Hindi)

14m 56s

Chapter-7 syllogism part-2 ( in Hindi)

12m 34s

Chapter-7 syllogism part-3 ( in Hindi)

15m 00s

Chapter-7 syllogism part-4 ( in Hindi)

13m 04s

Chapter-7 syllogism part-5 ( in Hindi)

12m 03s

Chapter-7 syllogism part-6 ( in Hindi)

12m 32s

Chapter-7 syllogism part-7 ( in Hindi)

15m 00s

Chapter-8 distance and direction part-1 ( in Hindi)

11m 26s

Chapter-8 distance and direction part-2 ( in Hindi)

9m 56s

Chapter-8 distance and direction part-3 ( in Hindi)

13m 49s

Chapter-8 distance and direction part-4 ( in Hindi)

13m 13s

Chapter-8 distance and direction part-5 ( in Hindi)

12m 24s

Chapter-8 distance and direction part-6 ( in Hindi)

13m 36s

Chapter-9 Blood relation part-1 ( in Hindi)

13m 16s

Chapter-9 Blood relation part-2 ( in Hindi)

12m 32s

Chapter-9 Blood relation part-3 ( in Hindi)

13m 41s

Chapter-9 blood relation part-4 ( in Hindi)

11m 35s

Chapter-9 blood relation part-5 ( in Hindi)

9m 56s

Chapter-9 blood relation part-6 ( in Hindi)

10m 20s

Chapter-9 blood relation part-7 ( in Hindi)

9m 55s

Chapter-9 blood relation part-8 ( in Hindi)

10m 50s

Chapter-9 blood relation part-9 ( in Hindi)

13m 06s

Chapter-9 blood relation part-10 ( in Hindi)

14m 37s

Chapter-9 blood relation part-11 ( in Hindi)

9m 32s

Chapter-10 Sitting arrangement-1 ( in Hindi)

14m 39s

Chapter-10 sitting arrangement-2 ( in Hindi)

15m 00s

Chapter-10 sitting arrangement-3 ( in Hindi)

14m 38s

Chapter-10 sitting arrangement-4 ( in Hindi)

14m 42s

Chapter-10 sitting arrangement-5 ( in Hindi)

15m 00s

Chapter-10 sitting arrangement-6 ( in Hindi)

12m 47s

Chapter-11 Ranking test-1 ( in Hindi)

11m 08s

Chapter-11 Ranking test-2 ( in Hindi)

11m 01s

Chapter-11 Ranking test-3 ( in Hindi)

11m 01s

Chapter-11 Ranking test-4 ( in Hindi)

8m 43s

Chapter-11 Ranking test-5 ( in Hindi)

8m 42s

Chapter-11 Ranking test-6 ( in Hindi)

11m 27s

Chapter-11 Ranking test-7 ( in Hindi)

15m 00s

Chapter-12 Calendar-1 ( in Hindi)

11m 28s

Chapter-12 Calendar-2 ( in Hindi)

12m 55s

Chapter-12 Calendar-3 ( in Hindi)

9m 41s

Chapter-12 Calendar-4 ( in Hindi)

11m 01s

Chapter-12 Calendar-5 ( in Hindi)

14m 25s

Chapter-12 Calendar-6 ( in Hindi)

8m 54s

Chapter-12 Calendar-7 ( in Hindi)

8m 19s

Chapter-12 Calendar-8 ( in Hindi)

8m 14s

Chapter-12 Calendar-9 ( in Hindi)

10m 30s

Chapter-12 Calendar-10 ( in Hindi)

10m 24s

Chapter-13 Clock-1 ( in Hindi)

12m 05s

Chapter-13 Clock-2 ( in Hindi)

8m 14s

Chapter-13 Clock-3 ( in Hindi)

10m 19s

Chapter-13 Clock-4 ( in Hindi)

11m 48s

Chapter-13 Clock-5 ( in Hindi)

11m 41s

Chapter-13 Clock-6 ( in Hindi)

13m 40s

Chapter-13 Clock-7 ( in Hindi)

11m 44s

Chapter-13 Clock-8 ( in Hindi)

8m 12s

Chapter-13 Clock-9 ( in Hindi)

12m 24s

Chapter-14 Dice -1 ( in Hindi)

10m 06s

Chapter-14 Dice-2 ( in Hindi)

8m 22s

Chapter-14 Dice-3 ( in Hindi)

11m 51s

Chapter-14 Dice-4 ( in Hindi)

9m 16s

Chapter-14 Dice-5 ( in Hindi)

13m 44s

Chapter-14 Dice-6 ( in Hindi)

11m 02s

Chapter-14 Dice-7 ( in Hindi)

11m 57s

Chapter-15 Statement and argument-1 ( in Hindi)

14m 28s

Chapter-15 Statement and argument-2 ( in Hindi)

12m 48s

Chapter-15 Statement and argument-3 ( in Hindi)

10m 21s

Chapter-15 Statement and argument-4 ( in Hindi)

10m 13s

Chapter-15 Statement and argument-5 ( in Hindi)

11m 24s

Chapter-16 Statement and Assumption-1 ( in Hindi)

14m 42s

Chapter-16 Statement and Assumption-2 ( in Hindi)

12m 57s

Chapter-16 Statement and Assumption-3 ( in Hindi)

12m 12s

Chapter-16 Statement and Assumption-4 ( in Hindi)

11m 44s

Chapter-16 Statement and Assumption-5 ( in Hindi)

11m 50s

Formation of words-1 ( in Hindi)

10m 45s

Formation of words-2 ( in Hindi)

8m 30s

Distance and direction-01( in Hindi)

10m 38s

Distance and direction-02 ( in Hindi)

9m 42s

Distance and direction-03 ( in Hindi)

8m 23s

Distance and direction-04 ( in Hindi)

8m 35s

Distance and direction-05 ( in Hindi)

8m 35s

Chapter-17 Cube Part-1 ( in Hindi)

9m 30s

Chapter-17 Cube Part-2 ( in Hindi)

11m 14s

Chapter-17 Cube Part-3 ( in Hindi)

13m 51s

Chapter-17 Cube Part-4 ( in Hindi)

14m 04s



51 reviews

Dev Rao

reviewed on Mar 4, 2019

very good ji. bhut acche se studdy krvaya aap ne.i think reasoning is so difict.... ye meri soch thi but aap ki classes join krne k baad muje lga i am wrong. nice ma'am👏👏👏

Sonu Kumar

reviewed on Mar 1, 2019

madam yeh course bahut hi accha hai madam aap aage bhi isi tarah ka courses banate rahaeye iss course ke liye thanks madam

Prateek Andhare

reviewed on Feb 14, 2019

I have watched only repeated series videos till now. I know for sure that all other lectures will be great. Because your illustrations are so simple and easy to understand. Thanks and keep up the great work.

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