9 lessons • 1h 35m

L-1: Introduction to Sets(in Hindi)

10m 44s

L-2: Superset, Subset and Power Set (in Hindi)

10m 48s

L-3: Operations on Sets(in Hindi)

9m 29s

L-4: Venn Diagram and Laws of Set Algebra(in Hindi)

10m 17s

L-5: Applications related to Cardinal Number(in Hindi)

9m 26s

L-6: Introduction to Relations(in Hindi)

11m 42s

L-7: Types of Relations and Related Questions(in Hindi)

9m 28s

L-8: Functions and Types of Functions(in Hindi)

10m 56s

L-9: Some Solved Questions and Previous Year JEE Main Problems(in Hindi)

12m 22s