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24 lessons • 3h 25m

Introduction (in Hindi)

5m 53s

Carbohydrates (in Hindi)

12m 14s

Classification of Carbohydrates (in Hindi)

11m 35s

Glucose (in Hindi)

13m 59s

Open Chain Structure of Glucose (in Hindi)

10m 55s

Limitation of Open Chain Structure of Glucose (in Hindi)

10m 05s

Cyclic Structure of Glucose (in Hindi)

13m 07s


14m 06s


13m 30s


13m 12s

Glycogen and sum up of carbohydrates

11m 31s

Proteins (in Hindi)

9m 20s

Common Amino Acid (in Hindi)

11m 39s

Classification of Amino Acid (in Hindi)

10m 56s

Formation of Protein (in Hindi)

10m 46s

Classification of Proteins (in Hindi)

9m 03s

Structure of Protein (in Hindi)

14m 02s

Denaturation of Protein (in Hindi)

9m 12s


13m 32s


12m 39s

Sources of vitamins

14m 10s

Nucleic acid

14m 36s

Structure of nucleic acid

14m 53s

Biomolecule test

8m 51s

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