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(Hindi) Become a Top Learner - 20x more Focus to learn anything faster


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Roman Saini

Do you want to be a top learner? Do you want to have a laser-sharp focus? Then this course is your one-stop solution. Learn how to focus like a monk, identify your problems as to why you lack the desired concentration, learn the reasons why are you not able to set and achieve powerful goals; learn the power of discipline, mindfulness, and the art of goal setting to have an unwavering and relentless focus. We will also cover a lot of exercises which can be done to improve the focus.



54 reviews

Prashant yadav

reviewed on Aug 23, 2017

listening to your course is like you came to our door and tell us that this is your problem and you can solve this by these methods. thank you so much sir. you know the minor to minor difficulties of almost every students and provide the way to get good.

Taruna Sharma

reviewed on Aug 22, 2017

Roman sir every course is always awewsome.. Thank u sir ...

Koushik Mishra

reviewed on Aug 24, 2017

Sir please download available ki jiye hum jaise ladke ke pass koi Master card or Visa card nehi humlok to mahina ma 90 rupees de payenge par hum jaise log har din Internet ka kharcha nehi utha payenge jaise taise kar k dost ki pass se ek mobile liya college ki free WiFi ya fer dost ki Mobile se videos download karke padte ha humara pass kaha see Master card or Visa card ayege pehele to download available tha tan hum jaise thoda bahat pad pate the ab o bhi unacademy bandh kar diya hum ye nehi bol raha ke hum 90 rupees per month nehi de payenge oh Sayed de payenge per Roman Sir hum jaisi garib k pass koi Master card or Visa card kaha se ayega sir bataiye please kuch kijiye sir ek hum jaise ki pass ek hi umid ki Kiran o please band mat kijiye Upki Do pao Mai padti hu Roman Sir plz Download Available ki jiye.

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