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40 lessons • 3h 27m

Overview of the Course (Banking and Financial Institutions) (in Hindi)

5m 41s

RBI (in Hindi)

11m 16s

Monetary Policy (in Hindi)

14m 18s

NABARD (in Hindi)

10m 06s

Non performing assets (NPA) ( in Hindi )

10m 34s

Prohibitory functions of rbi ( in Hindi )

10m 19s

IDBI (industrial development bank of india) ( in Hindi )

10m 16s

Small industries development bank of India ( in Hindi )

10m 04s

Unit trust of india UTI ( in Hindi )

10m 04s

IFCI and IDFC ( in Hindi )

10m 12s

Types of banks ( in Hindi )

10m 08s

Banking sector reforms ( in Hindi )

10m 38s

Basel norms ( in Hindi )

10m 04s

Committee on banking reforms ( in Hindi )

10m 02s

Banking most important one liners no.1 ( in Hindi )

8m 06s

Banking most important one liners no. 2 ( in Hindi )

8m 11s

Banking most important one liners no. 3 ( in Hindi )

8m 11s

Banking most important one liners no.4 ( in Hindi )

9m 17s

Banking most important questions part-1 ( in Hindi )

7m 44s

Banking most important questions part-2 ( in Hindi )

8m 35s

Banking most important questions part-3 ( in Hindi )

7m 07s

Banking most important questions part - 4 ( in Hindi )

6m 31s

Financial systems part 1 ( in Hindi )

8m 40s

Financial instruments ( in Hindi )

8m 22s

Financial instruments part - 2 ( in Hindi )

8m 30s

Financial services ( in Hindi )

8m 33s

Financial markets ( in Hindi )

8m 35s

Money market ( in Hindi )

8m 24s

Financial intermediaries ( in Hindi )

7m 38s

Digitisation Of Banking System part-1 ( in Hindi )

7m 43s

Digitisation Of Banking System part-2 ( in Hindi )

9m 21s

Digitisation Of Banking System part-3 ( in Hindi )

9m 36s

Digitisation Of Banking System part-4 ( in Hindi )

6m 34s

Digitisation Of Banking System part-5 ( in Hindi )

8m 33s

Digitisation Revolution of Insurance ( in Hindi )

7m 06s

Future Trends In Digitisation Of Banking ( in Hindi )

6m 45s

Future trends of digitisation part-2 ( in Hindi )

7m 06s

RBI Banking Ombudsman scheme ( in Hindi )

9m 57s

What , who , where and which part of RBI Banking Ombudsman scheme ( in Hindi )

7m 30s

Recent Ammendments and 15 Reasons for Complaint in Ombudsman Scheme ( in Hindi )

11m 18s

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