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21 lessons • 4h 33m

Introduction Video of Chapter Area under the Curve (in Hindi)

10m 36s

Curve Sketching, Important Points to Keep in Mind (in Hindi)

12m 40s

Standard Graphs, Sketches, Origin Shifting (in Hindi)

13m 02s

Standard Graphs and Sketch (in Hindi)

14m 22s

Area as Definite Integration, Differential Element of Area (in Hindi)

14m 47s

Area under the Curve Simple Questions, Concepts (in Hindi)

12m 21s

Area when Function below X Axis (in Hindi)

14m 32s

Above Average Problems on Area (in Hindi)

11m 12s

Horizontal Stripes, Illustrations (in Hindi)

14m 24s

Area Enclosed Between Two Curves (in Hindi)

11m 08s

Tough Curve Sketching and Definite Integration (in Hindi)

13m 55s

Area between 2 Graphs (in Hindi)

12m 08s

Standard Areas for IIT Mains (in Hindi)

10m 41s

Question based on Important Curves (in Hindi)

12m 01s

Tough questions on curve sketching

14m 47s

Different type of Questions on Auc

13m 16s

Origin shifting

14m 28s

Determination of parameters

14m 54s

Area bounded by inverse of a function

11m 23s

Optimisation of area

14m 01s

Average value of function, loop problem

13m 02s

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