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(Hindi) Ancient History Crash Course for MPPSC/VYAPAM


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Pavan Choudhary

In this Course we will discuss about Ancient History crash course. This Course is beneficial for MPPSC/VYAPAM aspirants.


41 lessons • 6 h 35 m
Overview (in Hindi)

3m 24s

D1/P1 Source of Ancient History, Stone Age (in Hindi)

12m 22s

D2/P2 Pre History, Paleolithic Period (in Hindi)

9m 56s

D2/P3 Upper Paleolithic, Mesolithic Tools (in Hindi)

10m 48s

D1/P4 Mesolithic part 2

8m 42s

D2/P1 Neolithic

9m 31s

D2/P2 Neolithic part 2 diffrence between neolithic and palaeolithic

10m 32s

D2/P3 Chalcolithic age

10m 59s

D2/P4 Indus valley civilisation

11m 22s

D2/P5 Indus valley civilisation part 2- Important cities

11m 10s

D3/P1 Indus valley religion, trade, script

10m 54s

D3/P2 Indus valley culture, measurement sysytem etc

13m 53s

D3/P3 Vedic time introduction

8m 42s

D3/P4 economic life of early and later vedic

9m 39s

D3/P5 Religion and gods

10m 36s

D4/P1 Vedic society and status of women

11m 21s

D4/P2 VEDIC civilisation- Types of marriage, decline of women

8m 38s

D4/P3 Veda, Upnishad, shat darshan

13m 06s

D4/P4 Buddhism part 1

10m 10s

D4/P5 buddhism part 2

9m 38s

D5/P1 Buddhism part 3

9m 05s

D5/P2 Buddhism part 4

10m 43s

D6/P1 Jainsim part 1

11m 08s

D6/P2 Jainism part 2

11m 11s

D6/P3 Jainism part 3

8m 46s

D7/P1 Mahajanpad period

7m 45s

D7/P2 Capital and modern area of Mahajanapada

8m 16s

D8/L1 Haryank Dynasty

9m 14s

D8/L2 Shishunag and Foreign invasion

11m 46s

D8/L3 Maurya empire -Chandragupta maurya

9m 16s

D8/P4 Bindusara,Ashok

10m 24s

D9/P1 Ashok' Inscription and Maurya administration

9m 54s

D9/P2 Maurya Adminstration part 2

10m 24s

D9/P3 Mauryan art

5m 36s

D10/P1 Post maurya Shunga, satvahan-i

9m 11s

D10/P2 Satvahana II

9m 18s

D10/P3 Indo greek and Shaka ruler

9m 39s

D11/P1 Sangam age- Chera kingdom

8m 57s

D11/P2 Chola kingdom

9m 40s

D11/p3 Pandyan dynasty

10m 02s



52 reviews

Komal Dhakad

reviewed on Aug 6, 2019

Pavan Sir is always a great educator, describe the subject in a very lucid , easy manner. This crash course is also excellent. A very quick revision to what we have learnt earlier. Thank you so much Sir...

Richa Upadhyay

reviewed on Aug 6, 2019

well structred course for all purpose examinations with lucid explanation this course will boost up our prepration ,as your previous ancient history course was full of with details and now this will work as quick revision for us for remind the facts.....thank you so much for providing relevant contant in unequaled type of teaching style ..:)

Deepraj Singh Rajput

reviewed on Aug 6, 2019

Most Authentic n helpful lecture series 👍👏👏 with Crystals clear explanation 📚 Thank you so much sir 😊

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