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(Hindi) Algebra & Geometry - GATE Mechanical


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Pawan Saini

In this course Pawan Saini will discuss Important topics of GATE-Mechanical-Quantitative Aptitude like Algebra, Surds, Indices, logarithm, Progression, Arithmetic Progression, Geometric Progression, Harmonic Progression, Permutation, Combination, Probability and Basic Geometry which is very important for all the exams.



5 reviews

Vishan Kumar

reviewed on Jun 13, 2018

Very good course for General Aptitude for GATE.Every GATE Aspirant must watch it.

Rvv Maurya

reviewed on Jun 12, 2018

Very nice course sir ...Explaination is tooo good & clear . . and your way of teaching & voice make it more boost up .. .which makes it even more beneficial & easy to understand.. .#plese if possible make some motivation video '))


reviewed on Jun 14, 2018

Sir the way of teaching is very impressive . Everyone can understand about the way of solving from the teaching u provided . thanks sir

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