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(Hindi) Algebra for SSC CGL 2018


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Abhinay Sharma

Most important topics related to SSC CGL will be covered in this course by Abhinay and it will help you in cracking the algebra exam.


48 lessons • 3 h 57 m
Algebra Unique Concept Part 2 ( in Hindi)

13m 33s

Algebra Basic Types 1( in Hindi)

12m 18s

Formula Based Questions of Algebra ( in Hindi)

12m 48s

Factorization in Algebra ( in Hindi)

14m 30s

Algebra Important Tricks & Questions ( in Hindi)

11m 12s

How to Find Proportionals ( in Hindi)

12m 34s

Remainder Theorem ( in Hindi)

13m 08s

Factor Theorem ( in Hindi)

14m 20s

Algebra - exact value of variable from one equation

12m 17s

Algebra - use of a basic fornula in many questions

12m 11s

Most important formula of algebra

12m 12s

Concept of subtraction & addition in algebra

10m 07s

Symmetry in algebra

10m 02s

Use of C&D rule in algebra ( Ans = 2)

10m 02s

Concept of xy = 1 then answer will be 1

10m 08s

Basics of max & min value in algebra part 1

10m 06s

Max & min value in algebra part 2 & 3

10m 22s



Polynomial & their types

11m 30s

Use of degree in Solving questions with in 2 seconds

12m 15s

Inequality in algebra according to latest pattern

12m 01s

Surds - part 1

8m 02s

Surds - part 2

10m 01s

Surds - part -3

9m 02s

Surds - part- 4

10m 01s

Surds - part 5

10m 02s

Algebra unique concept -1

8m 02s

Algebra - awesome questions

10m 02s

Algebra multiply concept

7m 02s

Algebra part 2 multiply concept

10m 02s

Algebra tough questions with easy solutions

10m 02s

Algebra best questions series part -1

10m 02s

Algebra awesome questions series part 2

9m 02s

Part 3 algebra mast questions series

8m 01s

4th part algebra questions series

9m 02s

Part -5 algebra series of questions

10m 02s

6th part of algebra question series

10m 01s

Algebra symmetry questions - part -7

7m 05s

Part 8 algebra awesome sum series

10m 03s

Part9 algebra questions series

10m 05s

Cgl 2018 questions live

10m 08s

Live solution of cgl 2018 questions

10m 38s

Some new questions with live solutions

10m 10s

Algebra different sum

10m 06s

Algebra new questions series

10m 05s

Part 2 Algebra hard questions series

10m 01s

Algebra new questions part 4

9m 01s

Algebra nice questions

7m 05s



135 reviews

Sumitava Paul

reviewed on Mar 13, 2018

sir . samajh mein nhi arahe hain videos konsa pehele padhna hain konsa bad mein.sir plz thoda bata dijiye plz.u r really great sir. i love u

Raushan Kumar

reviewed on Mar 20, 2018

Tremendous course and a must watch for every aspirant for one day exam


reviewed on Mar 20, 2018

abhiny sir muje aapki vedio bahut pasand. plz aapki latest book batye jisme sare concept clear ho jaye

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