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(Hindi) 100 Puzzle and Sitting Arrangement for RRB PO/Clerk


3.5k ratings

202 reviews

Ankush Lamba

In this course we will practice 100 Puzzle And Sitting Arrangement for RRB PO/Clerk


54 lessons • 42 m
Overview (in Hindi)

5m 42s

Puzzle -1 Box Based (in Hindi)

9m 36s

Puzzle - 2 Floor puzzle

6m 42s

Puzzle - 3 Parallel Arrangement

8m 09s

Puzzle - 4 Square Arrangement

5m 27s


6m 35s

Puzzle - 5 Floor puzzle

5m 59s

Puzzle - 7 Circular arrangement

8m 24s

Puzzle - 8 Parallel Arrangement

5m 40s

Puzzle - 9 Box puzzle

8m 21s

Puzzle - 10 Month and Dates puzzle

7m 43s

Puzzle - 11 Circular arrangement with Numbers

9m 25s

Puzzle - 12 Linear sitting arrangement

5m 09s

Puzzle - 13 Month based puzzle

8m 44s

Puzzle - 14 Floor arrangement

7m 08s

Puzzle - 15 Box puzzle

8m 12s

Puzzle - 16 linear arrangement with ages

7m 07s

Puzzle - 17 tricky puzzle

8m 25s

Puzzle - 18 Square Arrangement

5m 49s

Puzzle 19 - Square sitting arrangement

8m 19s

Puzzle - 20 Month based puzzle

7m 04s

Puzzle - 21 Uncertain box puzzle

6m 05s

Puzzle - 22 parallel sitting arrangement

6m 47s

Puzzle - 23 Square sitting arrangement

7m 14s

Puzzle - 24 Month and Days Puzzle

6m 56s

Puzzle - 25 Floor puzzle

7m 38s

Puzzle - 26 parallel sitting arrangement

7m 13s

Puzzle - 27 parallel sitting arrangement

9m 15s

Puzzle - 28 square sitting arrangement

6m 11s

Puzzle - 29 Box puzzle

5m 41s

Puzzle - 30 Week based puzzle

8m 04s

Puzzle - 31 Linear sitting arrangement

4m 20s


6m 57s

Puzzle - 33 Box Puzzle

6m 43s

Puzzle - 34 Floor Puzzle

6m 46s


9m 00s

Puzzle - 35 Floor based puzzle

6m 50s

Puzzle - 36 Floor based puzzle

5m 19s

Puzzle - 38 parallel sitting arrangement

6m 01s

Puzzle - 37 circular sitting arrangement

6m 03s

Puzzle - 38 Linear sitting arrangement

7m 15s

Puzzle - 39 Practice Puzzle

6m 03s

Puzzle - 40 Parallel Arrangement

5m 22s

Puzzle - 41 Circular Arrangement

5m 07s

Puzzle - 42 Box Puzzle

5m 05s

Puzzle - 43 Floor puzzle

5m 21s

Puzzle - 44 Floor based puzzle

6m 20s

Puzzle - 45 Parallel Arrangement

4m 23s

Puzzle - 46 circular sitting arrangement

4m 37s

Puzzle - 47uncertain personal

5m 52s

Puzzle - 48 Circular arrangement

9m 21s


5m 12s

Puzzle - 50 Floor based puzzle

5m 29s

Puzzle - 51 week based puzzle

6m 48s



202 reviews

Suman Paul

reviewed on Jul 13, 2019

Your puzzles are the same level as actual exam. Practicing these puzzles my confidenece level has grown up. It was my weaker section from begining but now i am able to grip this portion. Thank u sir.

Binoy Karunan

reviewed on Jul 12, 2019

The ultimate answer for reasoning. I suggest Ankush sir for all those who think they need a good teacher who can correct their mistakes and lead them.. you are the best...

Ishan Rokadiya

reviewed on Jul 12, 2019

Thank you so much sir for making such an awesome course on Puzzles. I really appreciate your efforts on reasoning, even I really like your all courses which you have been made till the date. Plz explain in English if possible. आपका अनेक अनेक धन्यवाद. 🙏

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